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The Fertility Plan is a new e-book that’s been compiled to help couples become aware of all these potential mistakes, and then to stop them immediately.

This guide’s unique angle is to concentrate on the small mistakes, which are the easiest mistakes to make. The big mistakes are easy to discover – every book on pregnancy and fertility will tell you those. But it’s those small mistakes – the ones books and websites and doctors don’t tell you about – that do the damage. Especially if you are making more than a couple of them.

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The official website does not offer any credentials or background to the author of this ebook, creating a question mark over the author’s credibility.

The ebook’s title is shared by other products, making the task of finding independent user feedback extra difficult.

Overall there are other ebooks for those desperate to get pregnant featured on this site which are a much more sensible purchase.

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Company info was registered on 21 October 2006.

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