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Licenced medical practitioner Dr Lisa Delaporte is the owner of FertilityFound.com.

The Fertility Found ebook is 91 pages of step-by-step scientifically-backed information, complete with diagrams and pictures. Its claims to be a “no quackery, no voodoo” comprehensive system to improve fertility.

Even if you are getting on in years, have PCOS, previous miscarriages, Uterine Fibroids, or a partner with sperm problems, the author claims to guide you by the hand using proven science to eradicate the underlying problems of not getting pregnant and show you how to conceive quickly.

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1 Star

Actual Customer Feedback: No feedback available.

Strangely for a book that has been out for 18 months or more, Fertility Found has a surprising lack of user feedback or credible reviews.

The website asks for an opt-in very early on, although this is handled by the reputable aweber service, so there’s nothing wrong with trying out the free information (unsubscribe later if you wish).

Overall though, it fairs poorly with other products that can help you get pregnant quick. Best to look at some of the other consumer reports on this site.

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FertilityFound.com was registered on 17 October 2009.

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Fertility course.



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